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Dear valued reader,

it is my pleasure to tell you a little more about Vertrical and about why our vision is to build a healthy place to work and an environment where everyone has the chance to thrive in.

I come from a working class family in the west of Germany and I was the first one studying. Before my A-Level I finished an apprenticeship as a paper technologist in Germany. 
While studying (also for one magic semester abroad in Dublin) I voluntarily worked in my Scout Association as a Troop Leader as well as board member of the German Scouts in Westfalia for almost one decade.
In this time my rough vision was (and still is), that I would be able to work one day in the same enabling, trustful, democratic environment as I did back then in my voluntary work.

After my studies I was mainly building web applications either as a freelancer but also employed for a short time. 

There were many great environments I had the pleasure to work in, but all lacked to a certain degree of candid feedback, trust or the enablement of other individuals to let them thrive and therefor let the team succeed.

This is the main reason why I wanted to found Vertrical. To build such an environment for my colleagues and to help our clients to (due to this environment) build better products and allow them to shine and thrive in their domain.

We are just at the very beginning and I am excited to see where the journey is leading us to. 


If this also shares your values and interests I would be happy to walk this path together.

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